He grew up fishing the waters of Siesta Key

Captain Ed pretty much grew up on Siesta Key and has been fishing these waters since the 1970’s. As a kid, it was bay fishing in a 13′ Whaler. Then, as a teenager when offshore fishing took precedence, he worked as a mate on Head Boats during his summer vacations while still attending in high school.


His Little Black Book of over 1000 Fishing Spots

Since then, Captain Ed has over 30 years of devotion, following and catching fish inshore and offshore. Let’s talk about offshore fishing…. Captain Ed has a black book to die for which includes illustrations, maps, and grids on over 1000 fishing spots from the coastline to 90 miles offshore.

Learning About Gulf Fish as a Scuba Diver

Scuba diving most of his fishing spots gave Ed great knowledge on how to fish for them. He studied the fish behavior, what they like to eat (as bait) and if they were shy or inquisitive fish.


His Own Fishing Charter Company with Lower Rates

After running several big charter boats in the Florida Gulf area for many years for other charter companies, it was finally time to break out on his own and purchase a smaller, yet faster and more economical boat. Not only is this boat very powerful and fast, it gives a very comfortable ride.


A Local Fish Authority & GAFF Girls

Captain Ed has written for many articles for local and state publications including for Gaff magazine. Plus, he has been the co-host of Gaff TV fishing episodes and he has provided many fishing trips/ photo shoots aboard FishFactor with the Gaff Girls.